The membership fees for 2014 have now been finalized. We will be accepting payment from now on at every training session. Deadline for payment is 31st March.

Fees are as follows:

· Full Individual Annual Membership – 2000 RMB
· Half Year Membership – 1300 RMB
· Full Family Membership – Playing Adults + Children (unlimited) 3000 RMB
· Student Annual Membership 750 RMB
· Student 1st Semester (to end June) 500 RMB.
Student 2nd Semester (July to Dec) 500 RMB
· Non Playing Social Membership 400 RMB

· Players have the option to pay 100 RMB per session.

After the deadline for membership payment has passed, players must pay RMB100 per session.

· No refund once fees have been paid

· New potential members can attend 2 trial sessions before deciding to pursue membership.

2014 GAA membership flyer

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