Unpaid membership fees are now overdue

Unpaid membership fees are now overdue.

Thank you to all members who have already paid.

The fees for 2013 are as follows:

2000 rmb per annum (Full Member)

750 rmb per annum (Student/Low Income)  

500 rmb (6 month Student Semesters to end June and July to December)  

400 rmb for social membership.    

As we have said before, our excellent training facilities cost money!  We have been faced with a significant increase in these costs.   We are very fortunate to have generous sponsors who support us.  However the club also needs to charge membership to meet costs.  Therefore it is imperative that membership is paid immediately so that we can keep the use of these facilities.

To those of you who have not yet paid, please make your payments to Sarah Austin at training this Tuesday and Saturday.   Your cooperation in this matter will be highly appreciated.

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