Bob + Friends Charity Rickshaw Run

My Brothers from the Pac Prime family and I are planning a
journey of the most epic proportions in the not to distant future. Dont ask me
why but we thought it would be great craic to race from the North of
India to the South in nothing but a motorized lawnmower or a Rickshaw
as it is also called. We will be starting this disaster on New Years
day with a whooping hangover.

To put it bluntly, we also thought it
would be a good idea to do this with the most severe case of Delhi belly known
to man. During this trip it looks like 4 of us will be getting very
cozy indeed whilst the driver , it will be me at one stage (Watch this
space) will be defying non existent roads, crazy drivers in cars, trucks
and buses on the streets of India. To give you an idea of what I am
like as driver, we’ll on 4 wheels, lets just say could do better!! No
Drivers license to prove it.

On 2 wheels however…………….Easy Rider. The Rickshaw has 3
so anything can happen. We will be writing/making a Blog (whats a
Blog) of our little adventure and will keep you all posted as we stop
for regular toilet breaks and of course the sacred cow, who we cannot
beep, pass or even eat!! Β I thought the roads in China were
bad but apparently the Chinese driver has the politeness of an Irish
bus user.

Continuing with the Chinese theme we thought it would be nice to
spruce up our Rickshaw, “Pimp my Ride” i think is a better term, Panda
style and we are going to go as Giant Pandas (Thank you TaoBao), the
Idea of which I got from that raucous night when we all lost our
heads. Our team is aptly named PandaTukkinMonium, see what we did

Now there is a point to all this madness and it starts here: Most of
you, I should hope all of you have access to clean, drinkable water.
It should be a right that all humans have across the globe however
sadly this is not the case. In the most poverty stricken areas of
India the people are reduced to drinking water that is dirtier than
the HuangPu river.

This is where the FRANK Water projects come in, FRANK Water saves
lives through funding innovative and sustainable clean water projects
in developing countries like India. So please PLEASE help us to help
them by giving whatever you can by clicking on the below link and
donating to this worthy cause. Everything and anything will help, no
matter how small.

If you click the above link I think you will see that the girls are
kicking ass with only one solitary lads donation. Come on Boys don’t
let the side down.

Much appreciated those who took the time to read this and even more so
to those who donated.

And remember, next time you go to the water cooler remember how lucky you are.

Cheers and Namaste (?)

Team PandaTukkinMonium

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