Quiz Time!

Rainy ball

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well. We’ve had an exciting month; from the Suzhou game to Fajita Friday, to the Darkness into Light run (which many members took part in) to some players making the trip to Bangkok; it’s been busy! Congrats to Grace who was on the winning team for the Junior Women’s Cup and commiserations to Adrian, Barry and Paddy who tried their damned hardest… with 2 teams. Better luck next time lads!

There is an International Rules Tournament this Saturday, 21st, at the Rugby Pitch. GAA Lads vs Aussies! Would be great if you could all join.

This month, the club also won The Irish News’ ‘Best Overseas Club’ Award! Huge thanks to Hini for submitting the club!

The Table Quiz

Tonight (19th May!)
Where: The Camel, 1 Yueyand Lu near Dongping Lu
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: 100rmb per person with teams of 5

All China Games

Date: June 24th-26th

It’s sure to be a great weekend and it would be fantastic to have teams representing Shanghai GAA – let us know by Wechat  if you would like to play.

Other Dates

  • North Asia Games – Busan, July (date TBC)
  • Hurling/Camogie Tournament – Bangkok (tentative) in September (date TBC)
  • Asian Gaelic Games – Shanghai, November 4-6
  • Asian Youth Championships – Hanoi, November (date tbc)

Membership Fees

Fees are due if you haven’t paid already. You need to pay ASAP.

  • Full adult- 2000
  • Half adult- 1300
  • Full family- 3000
  • Half family- 1700
  • Student- 400
  • Half student-250
  • Child- 1000
  • Social- 400

First 3 tryout sessions are free, so bring your friends. And for those you just want to play for the craic, it’s 100 per session after that.

For the first 25 who pay, you’ll also get a free Shanghai GAA Polo Shirt and first 40 will receive a bag!

Deadline: ASAP
How to pay: Cash at training or via Wechat to Alan

Training is in full swing and with the competitions approaching we’ll be picking up steam so make sure you come along on Tuesday evenings at Luwan and Saturdays at the rugby pitch. 
See you all tonight at the Quiz,
Shanghai Gaelic 


Luwan Stadium: 8-10 pm
128 Zhaojiabang Lu near Shanxi Nan Lu, closest metro Jiashan Road (肇嘉浜路128号, 近陕西南路)

2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu near Wuzhou Da Dao, 30m north of Wuzhou Avenue metro (上海瑞可碧橄榄球俱乐部 张扬北路2700号)

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