Farewell Davey Hayes

On Sat 31st we said Goodbye (in true Shanghai GAA ‘epic’ style.) to Davey and Hannah who have just left us for Dubai. Throughout the 11 years he has been a part of our club, Davey Hayes’ contribution has been simply immense. Having vowed to retire from football on countless occasions, Davey has remained a dedicated and invalluable member of the Men’s ‘A’ Team. As well as being awarded an Asian Gaelic Games Allstar and the Shanghai GAA MVP in 2010, Davey has been on our club committee and also served on the Asia County Board for 2 years. As a show of gratitude for his contribution to Gaelic Football in Asia he was awarded a stunning piece of crystal at this year’s Asian Gaelic Games. Davey’s huge personality, his love for the GAA ‘gang’, his passion for the club and his outstanding ability on the football field have made him a true GAA legend, throughout Asia. We will miss you Davey Hayes. And so will the Blarney. 

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