Kids training will be on as usual this Saturday 1st March starting at 12 Noon at the SRFC.

The forecast is for potential showers (Low 4ºC high 7ºC).

It has been cold recently and the SRFC is very exposed to the wind so PLEASE make sure the children (and yourselves) have plenty of layers of warm cloths. An extra layer e.g. t-shirt under the jersey for the children will make all the difference! A coat for for before and after games will also help.

We would like to have a short meeting for parents after training to discuss the future of the club, we want to make sure that the club grows and stays healthy. The meeting will be short and take no longer than 30 minutes.


Aims of the club
Setting up a Juvenile committee
Funding and sponsorship
Shanghai Gaelic shirts for the kids
Kids tournament 8th March

A new email address specifically for the Juvenile committee and announcements has been set up. Please add to your address book. There will be a link on the emails so new people can subscribe to the newsletter easier.

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