This Summer

Despite the rain, I assure you summer is just round the corner… and we have an action packed programme for you to start getting very excited about.

Saturday training will kick-off next weekend – Saturday 25th. It’s important to get a good turn-out here, especially for the lads, as we will be preparing for the first International Rules game of the season vs the Tigers.

The first International Rules game of the season will be on Saturday 2nd July!

This year will also see the inaugural Shanghai-Suzhou GAA Summer League kick-off. Combined teams from both squads will compete in 3 rounds for the much coveted (insert name here) trophy! The preliminary fixtures are; Saturday 16th July, Saturday 27th August, and Saturday 17th September. Please contact players rep. Ben Somner on before the end of June to register for the league!

We are also planning friendly fixtures with Dalian (away trip) and Seoul (home) all in preparation for the big one – the All Asia Gaelic Games to be held in Seoul in October.

Summer starts here! See you all at training on Saturday 25th June.



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