The All-China Games!

The All-China Games kicks off TOMORROW!

– Friday night welcoming event at Tam’s bar, YongFu Lu near FuxingXi Lu, 8pm to 10pm. RMB25 per pint of Carlsberg, some complimentary snack foods too

– Saturday night after party at The Camel, 8pm to 11pm. Happy hour drink menu and buffet food

I would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the games on Saturday!

One thought on “The All-China Games!

  1. Just like to thank the organisers of the games last weekend. Congratulations to Shanghai for beating us in the final, you guys deserved to win. As my last game of GAA ever it was the perfect send off. Happy memories (except the occasional nightmare of having to mark Davy!)

    Good luck for the future of Shanghai and Chinese GAA!!!

    Bob Jenkinson (Ginger English guy from Dalian)

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