The Committee

Sarah Austin – Chairperson
Adrian Donoghue – Vice Chairperson & Youth Development Officer
Heather McIsaac – Membership Officer and Club Secretary
Heidi Johnson – Sponsorship Officer
Sean Moran – Social Events and Fundraising
Dan Carbery – Club Treasurer
Devon Hanna – Promotion, Marketing and Communication
Steph FitzGerald-Smith – Facilities, Equipment and Logistics.
Ciaran Manion – Head Coach & Games Development
Peter Mooney – Committee member returning to Shanghai in the near future.

Brian Murphy – Chairperson
Brian Murray – Vice Chairperson, Youth Officer and Communications
Victoria Depino – Treasurer
Adrian Donoghue – Secretary
Sarah Davis – Membership
Peter Mooney – Coaching and Development
Catriona Scanlon – Sponsorship
Jack Meng – Facilities
Sean Moran – Social Events, Fundraising and Communications

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