Farewell Davey Hayes

On Sat 31st we said Goodbye (in true Shanghai GAA ‘epic’ style.) to Davey and Hannah who have just left us for Dubai. Throughout the 11 years he has been a part of our club, Davey Hayes’ contribution has been simply immense. Having vowed to retire from football on countless occasions, Davey has remained a dedicated and invalluable member of the Men’s ‘A’ Team. As well as being awarded an Asian Gaelic Games Allstar and the Shanghai GAA MVP in 2010, Davey has been on our club committee and also served on the Asia County Board for 2 years. As a show of gratitude for his contribution to Gaelic Football in Asia he was awarded a stunning piece of crystal at this year’s Asian Gaelic Games. Davey’s huge personality, his love for the GAA ‘gang’, his passion for the club and his outstanding ability on the football field have made him a true GAA legend, throughout Asia. We will miss you Davey Hayes. And so will the Blarney. 

Club AGM Friday 20th November

SAVE THE DATE! For the Club Annual General Meeting. If you would like to nominate yourself or a friend for the 2016 committee, please talk to any committee member. Please submit any motions by email to Gary <ggallagher17@outlook.com> by November 12th. Venue and details to be confirmed! 

Suzhou Trip

When’s the next party? We hear you ask! The answer is very soon… End of Year Challenge Game against Suzhou and Suzhou to host an After Party! Saturday 21st November! (This date is still to be confirmed). Please keep an eye on your Wechat and let your captains know if you’re available.


The 20th Asian Gaelic Games was on home ground and we did ourselves proud alright. Over 50 teams… 20 clubs… 18 countries… 2 days of incredible football… 3 days of carnage… 100% partied out… The late newsletter is testament to a very lengthy recovery time… What. A. Weekend.

No word of thanks can ever convey the amount of effort that goes in to planning, organising, managing and successfully executing an event of this magnitude (more teams taking part than the Rugby World Cup, by the way). Our most sincere thanks goes to Peter Mooney whose passion, commitment and dedication made this happen and to his Committee of absolute legends Noel Lennon, Declan Nolan and Brendan Brophy. Huge thanks also goes to Adrian Donoghue for all of his hard work and for organising a fantastic Youth Tournament. Thank you Ling Teo, Isaac Newton and Jack Meng for the huge amount of time dedicated and work put in, behind the scenes, to ensure that the weekend was such a success. Thanks also to all those of you who volunteered your help and support in the lead-up to the tournament and on the day itself.

It was thanks to our two coaches, Jussara Bierman and Peter Mooney that Shanghai had such a huge turnout and played such high-level football at all levels of the competition. Thank you Jussara and Peter for your leadership and coaching throughout the year. Thanks also to all of the Team Captains for all your hard work and leadership.

Congratulations to Singapore Men for claiming the Men’s Senior Cup and to Abu Dhabi for winning the ‘Lisa Orla’ Senior Ladies Cup. The Shanghai Men’s ‘A’ Team, lead by Ciaran Mannion and coached by Peter, achieved a place in the Semi-Final of the ‘A’ Comp before being beaten by Seoul. Aine Deasy captained the Ladies ‘A’ Team who, coached by Jussara, beat the eventual finalists, Seoul, before winning the Silver Plate in the ‘A’ comp. Well done to the Men’s ‘B’ Team, captained  by Garry Gallagher and the Ladies ‘B’ Team, captained by Sandra Egger and Roisin Kelleher and coached by Adrian Donoghue, for a superb performance in tough competitions.

‘Shanghai Lady Legends’ captained by Ling Teo were bumped up to a higher division as a result of being unbeaten on Saturday and came runners up to Taipei in the Woman’s Junior Cup Final. Shanghai Dad’s Army, lead by Isaac Newton, lost the Junior Silver Plate by a whisper to Singapore. Shang-Nilla, captained by ‘the one and only’ Sean Moran, were beaten in the Final of the Intermediate Plate by Japan. Last but by no means least, Shanghai Dragons, captained by returning Shanghai GAA Legend Brian Murray, were ON FIRE throughout the tournament before eventually being doused in the Junior Men’s Cup Final by a Dalian team to whom they were conceding 20 years a man!

For them and for all the Shanghai teams, the fire was reignited on Sunday night and was still flaming at 6am in the Beaver… And THAT’S what it’s all about folks!  

Let’s not forget a truly UNforgettable Youth tournament which saw 4 Shanghai teams play host to 2 teams travelling from Seoul. Well done to our dedicated Youth Coach Adrian Donoghue and also special thanks to Jing Huang and Yilie Shen for all of their help with our terrific youth programme. 

What. A. Weekend. Shang WHO? SHANGHAI!

Tuesday Training


More, More!

Awards Night is coming up – details to follow. Also Save the Date for GAA Christmas Party on Friday 4th December!

The Final Program for the Asian Gaelic Games!

Hi all, please forward this flyer to friends and colleagues and encourage them to come along! Remember, the event is free for spectators! It is an extremely child friendly venue (with trampolene, playground, etc.) – a great day out for the whole family!

Don’t forget there is also a Youth Tournament 2:30pm – 5:30pm on Friday. Youth Semis & Finals will be played Saturday 10am-12:30pm.

See the program below

Asian Gealic Games 2015 – event info