Dragon Events – Silver Sponsor

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Designed with a specific experience in mind. We work with clients to fully understand your marketing strategy and produce events that allow the brand to shine. Our innovative ways to engage guests and create memorable experiences builds your reputation.

Finding the ideal location for an event, then working with you to create the ultimate atmosphere. Whether you require a private dining room for an intimate celebration, a country cabin for an annual management retreat or a warehouse for a massive late night rave, we’ve got a valuable network and the knowledge to execute your event to a tee.

From point A to B brings another dimension to your party. By allowing for multiple venues and atmospheres, mobile parties build momentum as they move. Dragon’s rates on buses, limousines, luxury vehicles, yachts and private jets are the best in China. Contact us to get a quotation on our transportation services.

Essential to the success of any large-scale event. With seamless online registration mechanisms and ticket delivery processes, Dragon Events makes it easy for customers to sign up, pay in cash or via credit and receive their ticket within 24-hours. Our friendly customer service associates are ready to answer any question and provide guests with key information in English, French, Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin.

This is key to succeeding in today’s dynamic marketplace. Dragon Events has focused on developing its own online presence from the company’s inception. Our team is capable of developing sleek, powerful social media content and promotions utilizing current tools and networks like Facebook, Weibo and Twitter while keeping abreast of new trends and technologies. Our on the ground promotions team knows the social influencers at university campuses and hits the streets with effective, targeted dissemination plans.

Raise public awareness and share your news with a wider audience. We have demonstrated success working with major global companies as a media liaison, compiling media distribution lists, writing press releases, coordinating interviews, vetting questions, providing event media passes and

These are important to ensuring events are handled professionally from inception to execution. Whether you global resources or are on a tight budget, we believe in controlling costs, scrupulous sourcing and using efficient systems to build your event right.

Events are run smoothly with well-trained guides, accommodating hosts and hostesses and responsive coordinators who are a pleasure to work with. We ensure that the details are taken care of and create a seamless experience for you and your guests.

This is essential to give your events reach. Thank sponsors, get post-event media coverage and attract customers who were unable to attend.


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